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Philadelphia Pa Hotshot Insurance — Don’t Get Duped by Cut Rate Insurance.

You’ve heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. Nowhere was this ever truer than in insurance coverage. We all want the cheapest price for everything, sometimes however, the cheapest price can cost you everything!

As you’ve probably guessed our poor penny-pinching ex-con Fast Freddy, is about to find out the hard way that making an insurance blunder can be quite painful.  Tune in again to his tragic saga.

Philadelphia Pa Hotshot Insurance — Fast Freddy Transportation Service – Strike 1… You’re Out!

Now where did we leave off?  Oh yeah, smooth talking Fast Freddy thinks he is about to negotiate the deal of a lifetime on insurance for his six trucks. 

Howie, our ever eager to please insurance agent, does all that he can to knock off every dollar he can for Freddy, after all surely Freddy knows what he is asking for. 

He couldn’t be stupid enough to sign this unless he was able to cover all of the uninsured risks, right?  Naaaah!  And so, he gets that policy right in the Fast Freddy ballpark of doom!

Freddy almost shrieks with joy at the new quote!  “Dude, you’re the best!  I love ya maaaaaan!” he says as Howie emails him the application to sign.

Howie thinks to himself, “I hope this poor schmuck knows what he’s doing”, and then quickly comforts himself by biting down on his tongue and crossing his fingers under his desk.  “He’ll be OK” is his last thought for Freddy as the final line is signed.

Freddy, however, is not going to be OK, far from OK, Freddy is going to wish he had never come back from his Pennsylvania state sponsored vacation.  He has just made his first insurance blunder, he did not read his policy to double check all vehicles were listed and the coverage amounts.

To get the rates where Freddy wanted them Howie had to take a few shortcuts on the coverage.

So what tragedy befalls Fast Freddy because of his blunder?  Tune in to the next post to find out.

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